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The Sabah Adventure Challenge (SAC) is back for the 9th year. It enjoys a reputation for providing a challenging, yet engaging race which encompasses some of the most spectacular scenery in North Borneo.

Unique in its format, The Sabah Adventure Challenge has teams of two or three participants per team racing from dawn to dusk. These teams will be traversing jungle clad mountain ranges, down cascading rivers and hiking through some of Asia's prime rain forests. Adventure disciplines will include jungle trekking, mountain biking, and orienteering.

Sabah Adventure remains unique because it offers novice and experienced teams a challenging experience over the course of three days where teamwork, preparation and the spirit of adventure racing all play a part in determining your success or failure in completing the race.

As one of the oldest adventure races in Asia, the Sabah Adventure Challenge is a three day race covering a total of some 180-250 kilometers. Each year, we increase the technical aspects of map reading and team dynamics and the same can be said for 2008. So bring your brains as well as your muscles!


• At least 60% of the Race Course consists of Mountain Biking
• A Maximum of 35% of the Race Course consists of Hiking/ Orienteering/Bi-athlon
• 5% of the Race will include a possible tire tube section down a grade 2 river. 
• Rope Sections: Rope's section may or may not be utilized for the 2008 event. Teams will be notified ahead of time should a ropes skills section be added to the race course.


Teams compete in 2 person teams in either the adventure or extreme categories for the race. .

ADVENTURE CLASS will be a tough challenge for the average fit weekend warrior. It has all the same activities as the Extreme Class but racing will only be done during the day and the race distance will be some 20-30% shorter than the extreme category. On average, to complete each day will see teams racing for about 5 to 8 hours.

EXTREME CLASS is for fit athletes who want to push their minds and bodies to the limit. It will include some night racing. The first team will need at least 8-10 hours to complete the day's course. Team work is essential in this category and navigation will be essential in completing the day's challenge. Routes are longer and tougher than the Adventure category.


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